It gets weird

Don’t know how and what. Just felt today is one of those days I wished I could sleep through the day without worrying about anything or everything at all. Wish my brain could just stop processing for awhile. *let out a loud sigh*

Something is bothering me. But muh brain couldn’t process who’s the culprit. Or how it exists.

Girlfriend ask me to relax. Trying to take a nap. Failed. Muh brain is like a machine that keep going on and on doing the same thing over and over again. I really don’t understand how muh brain works.

It’s getting weirder now. Am I weird?


complaint oh complaint

got tagged by akho on 5 things to complain.

Haha..somehow need to crack my head to figure out what to complain but the number 1 is what is my mind yesterday and today..

1. endless office politics

2. on and off headache/migraine LATELY..

3. 24 hours is not enough..

4. not enough rest

5. over workload

Officially Traveling

I will be going to KL tomorrow until Sunday to attend a forum on Thursday. From Friday onwards, I will be spending quality and precious time wth my sister and my parents. Yay…

Note: Who knows about this Legend Hotel voucher promotion and referred me? Someone called me up and offered to me a free voucher saying that she got my number from my friend. Kinda doubt about that a bit. By coincidence, there’s some kind of event going on at Grand Continental this Saturday on this matter but I won’t be around. The lady seem persistent since I said I will be in KL and asked me to go down to Legend Hotel near PWTC to meet her. Two things turn me off on the matter. First, I don’t know how to get there as I am not familiar with KL. Second, I don’t think I would spend time going down there because I don’t know if this free voucher comes with T&C (Terms and Conditions), you know what I mean? I don’t travel much so this free hotel stay voucher as claimed by the lady is for me to take might not be that useful to me..

Serian & Serikin

Well, last weekend we had two extra holidays, one on Friday(1st June) in celebration of Gawai  and another one on Monday(4th June) to observe King’s Birthday.

So on the 1st June, I took the opportunity to visit a friend of mine in Serian which took about 2 hours drive from 7th Mile city area. This is my first time, so probably it took longer because we need to find the village where my friend lives.

Initially there is no one to follow me up to the village but last minute, three of my friends end up following. It is not the traditional longhouse like what we thought it would be, but a more modern kind of it with four ‘houses’ attached together to form a mini, concrete longhouse (that’s how I perceived it). I brought along the camera but aih..forgot to take picture with my pretty friend. 🙂 Oh ya, first time I drink tuak. Sweet. Hehe..

Anyway, on the way back to the city area, everyone was resting/sleeping while I am behind the wheel . Actually, I was sleepy too…but maybe I just feel blissful because I had company. Else I might just scrap the idea of going..or maybe not. (`. ‘)

On Sunday, I went up to Serikin (a place that sells mainly imitation of branded bags and perfumes such as Versace, Elizabeth Dior, etc) which is also about 2 hours ride from 7th Mile city area. But to go to Serikin, you have to use Bau road which is totally a different direction if you want to go to Serian.

Serikin is known to the local as a place that sells relatively cheap stuff because it’s also near the border of Kalimantan @ Indonesia border. After one round through Serikin market,I noticed that the bags sold there are pretty much standard on every stalls, selling at almost the same price. I overheard one customer bargaining the price of a bag she liked and the seller just told her off by saying that the bag has been discounted for and it couldn’t go any lower. Well, in my opinion, these bags are not within the range of my style as either the bags are too big or too small with bling bling. Too shiny and overly printed with branded names. Nothing simple that I could find there. Aside the bags, the stalls there mainly sell variety of fake perfumes, accessories and some clothings. Oh ya, there is one shop that sell mattresses which is selling like hot cakes. Also don’t understand why they crazy about it. Price really cheap I guess? On food section, beside the usual vegetables, they sell the local chips in almost every four stalls you come across.

All in all, it is an enjoyable trip to Serikin whereby I get to see real leeches sold there, which is said to be used as some kind of traditional medicine to give the ‘umph’ to the guys. Haha..if you get what I mean by that.

For a feel of how Serikin is like, do visit my photos at (the link is on the right side of this blog) 🙂

P/S: My car get “kissed” by a car painted green. Purely hit and run accident because I was not notified of it. Haha. Well, after walking back to my car from lunch, I discovered signs of scratches with a bit of dent on the butt of my car.  😦   Oh well….

With or without

Pieces by pieces

She picked them all

Letting out a sigh

All alone in the dim-lighted room

Could not be bothered

By the cold breeze that swipe her teary eyes

Loneliness creeps in

Searching for a host to live in

Such a willing without a single force

She stood there staring at the bright moon

Waiting timelessly

For awhile

She was someone she used to be

Wobbly, delicate

Timid and shy

A girl everyone loved and adored

A girl that need to be held

Holding the pieces in her hand

She throws it all out through the window

Such a relief feeling

That she let out another sigh

And closes her eyes

Wiping away her almost dried tears

Her heavy eyes open

The beautiful sunrise that set before her

Caught her by surprise

Time has passed

Another day starts again

Loneliness had shed away

She no longer her

The new she

Steadfast, strong


Shall stay


She finally found peace with herself.


Written in the rain, 4am, 1st June 2007