Model for a night, anyone?

There’s a fashion show coming up in September and we are in dire need of female model of at least 5″7 (more or less) to parade our exclusive beads & accessories so if anyone of you interested, you can leave a comment here, thanks!

For those who know anyone that might be interested, or fits the description above, please do not hesistate to let them know about this as well. Your help is very much appreciated! 🙂

** I’m selling the tickets to the fashion show as well, so leave me a message ya if you are would like to come and have a look on our fashion show. Tickets are sold at RM25.00 each which includes buffet dinner, fashion show and dance competition. The fashion show is  up for a good cause, so please support ya! **   🙂


Not So well

Officially off from the cyber world for 2 weeks due to a few reasons:-

a) My connection went haywire so finally fixed it today so YAY~ this is one of the rare moments I’m not online for such a long time~

b) After Rainforest Festival, I went to Kota Kinabalu again on official trip and just came back yesterday morning.

c) Unwell whole day today so didnt get the time to fix the connection until now. Really one of the moments when death seem an easy way out. Practically diarrhea a few times, almost vomitted but failed to, and my stomach is upset on and off. I guess it’s a blessing that I didn’t go to the Food Fair Sale today, and instead spending quality time with my girlfriend. She so supportive of me, and bought me this traditional medicine for my stomach. Feel a bit better now. Was shivering cold on a hot sunny day and slept the whole afternoon, only to wake up feeling sick all over that it’s too hard to move around. Even moving around requires me holding on something. To add more to the already painful stomach, I’m all alone in the house feeling hungry and alone. I struggled to get some plain water and some food. Luckily my brother is around, ask him to take away some porridge. That is what I can eat now, or feel like eating to fill up my empty stomach.

To offset the stomach pain, I heard of a news today that I’m not suppose to know. Well, it suppose to be a surprise for me tomorrow, but I found out about it unintentionally. That puts a smile on my face. 🙂

Going to sleep now. God bless 🙂

Rainforest World Music Festival 13th-15th July 2007

I will be helping out in a food stall at the Rainforest World Music Festival this weekend..

Can’t wait because this is my first time going even though this has been the 10th time Rainforest World Music Festival being held. So I reckon this year going to be quite a grand, because it’s the 10th Anniversary… Yay! ~.~

The rainforest festival is one of the big local events that attracts tourists from all over the world to sway their ways to our humble, small city that is pretty much hidden from the eyes of the world. From my understanding, musicians from all over the world will come together to perform their traditional music in Sarawak Cultural Village to put up an international music show. The locals also took part in this event. I heard there are some mini workshops or something like that, all displaying their ethnic musical instruments during the day time and usually night time there will be some performances. I’ve yet to see and hear their music so this is going to be an eye opener for me.

Setting up a stall is not as easy as we think. We have been doing lots of logistics, packaging, and all those meticulous tasks for the past two months. Hopeful it’s all worth doing. Besides, I get to be there! (Has tried to go there for the past 2 years but something just came up)~ hehe…

Hopefully it doesn’t rain on those days. Eeks~ (keeping my fingers crossed)

Well…..See you guys there. 😉

Being with forever


Forever is How I’ll remember you

Forever is How I want to spend my life with you

Forever is The fairytales I want to keep with you

Eventhough forever may not come.

I long to understand the forever word

Because forever seem like eternity

That is out of reach.

But I believe

One day I’ll arrive on my forever

And you by my side.