The Death

“The death of me is just the beginning. The story line is irrelevant. What matters is the death of me gives you another chance to redeem yourself.” -QnAofLife


Today is history in making


Stop dreaming! Start living! Stop thinking! Start doing! The ‘if’ list never ends, so does the ‘dreams’ list you made in your head.

I admire your persistence, I admire the chances you took. I admire you realising what you dreamed of, because you already succeed yourself.

Opposite of you…

I dreamed yet lived,

I look yet see,

I tasted yet to savour,

I feel yet to cherish,

I know yet to understand,

I talk yet without articulation

This could never make me

Alive yet to die.

Fast Love? Or Just Plain Fate?

A friend that I have not chatted with for about two months come online yesterday and greeted me. As usual, our conversation started with the norm ‘How are you’ and ‘What you have been doing’ and then he asked me how is my boyfriend/fiance/husband has been. I said, hey, it’s just two months, how a boyfriend can change to a husband that fast. And he commented, well, a lot of things could happen in 2 months, it only takes a day to wed. 😀 Granted that it does make sense.


This conversation took place last night and related to this, I heard of a shocking but a happy news today. My friend, who went for a holiday for just a week plus, came back and told me she is getting engaged early next year, and getting married by end of the year. Talking about two months, this is a big leap for a person who is single and get attached in just a week! Giving a credit to her, she known this guy for about a month through a mediator ( a relative of hers) and chatted on the phone before meeting the guy in person. Mind you, she is not desperate; she just found the right person at the right time. And I salute her, seriously. It was a big move and definitely a lot of ‘Hu-Has’ because this took place in such a short notice. Despite all that, this does not mean she will not end up having a happy ending. I have faith on her.

For me, I just take a longer, winding road. Hehe… 😛

Happy Birthday BuBu @ Okui-in-Law @ Susie @ Bird Bird…

happy birthday bubu~

Ok. The last nickname was a made up.. But since “Ronnie” existed, why not Birdie? hehe…

In case you didn’t receive my sms, here’s another round of what I wrote.

Happy birthday my friend!

Wish you were here!

Life is different without you

Miss your laughter,

Your jokes,

Your teasing,

Your “upsets”,

Your metrosexual ways, (That doesn’t mean you are gay or anything) 😛

Your concerns about me,

Your playfulness,

Your innocence,

Your honesty,

Your sensitivity,

Your forgetfulness,

Your “loso-ness”,

Your constant nagging,

Your grumpiness,

Your understanding,

Your love

And you just being you!

Though you’re not here, our thoughts are with you~ 😀

Smile ya. Happy happy birthday!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I had my fear. Today felt like one of the worst. Till I read this awhile ago… 
Luke 12:1-7

“Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but after that can do no more. . . . Do not be afraid. You are worth more than many sparrows.” (Luke 12:4,7)
Fear is not always a bad thing. God himself gave us the emotion of fear to energize us, to focus our attention, and to help us deal with a threat when danger surfaces. But so often our fears are misplaced. We fear the wrong things for the wrong reasons!It’s when we focus too much on ourselves that fear cripples us. We keep silent about our faith because we are afraid of what others will think of us. We are afraid that if we say the wrong thing, we will disappoint ourselves, others, or even God—and so we do nothing. We even borrow trouble from the future, rehearsing all kinds of dire scenarios that may befall our lives. What if global warming melts the polar ice caps? What if terrorists poison our drinking water? What if we or a loved one were to contract an incurable disease?

This kind of fear is the work of the devil. He would have us believe that we should avoid pain and suffering at any cost—even at the cost of losing our friendship with God. When we give in to these fears, we become paralyzed and unable to do what God is calling us to do. We forget his loving care, to which Jesus testifies so plainly when he reminds us that even the sparrows are under his protection (Luke 12:6).

If fear can do this to us, why don’t we simply banish it from our hearts altogether? Because, as we said above, fear can be a good thing. We should certainly do all we can to be rid of unhealthy fear, but we should also hold onto “fear of the Lord.” It’s this awe and reverence for God that Scripture assures us is “the beginning of knowledge”

(Proverbs 1:7). It’s this perfect love for God that can swallow up any feeling that he is condemning us (1 John 4:18). Our goal should be to love God so much that we have only one fear: turning away from the love he has for us. United with him, we can face any danger with confidence!

 “Jesus, thank you for revealing the Father’s unlimited compassion and mercy! Help me to cast away fear and trust in his powerful, personal love.”

  Romans 4:1-8; Psalm 32:1-2,5,11

Excerpt from The Word Among Us, on Today’s Meditations.

Felt much better now. Not entirely, but at least a bit comforted. 😛