Grace before meals

I stumbled upon this website a couple of months ago and since I subscribe to its mailing list, occassionally I receive the emails mostly on the entries written by Father Leo Patalinghug, who was born in Philippines and raised in the Baltimore area.

He wrote a nice poem and I will like to share it with you all: 

Written by: Rev. Leo E. Patalinghug

STL 2007

We may struggle and wrongly believe
that Christmas Joy comes but once a year.
We may blindly feel there is no reprieve
and our hope can be lost amidst overwhelming fears.

Yet in a specific place in the fullness of time
when darkness and emptiness covered the earth,
a light was given to all mankind
and Mary’s “yes” meant the Savior’s Birth.

Fear no more! Our King has come!
Our lonely void can now be filled!
Peace and healing has been ransomed by the One
Who brings true joy and our storms He stills.

Can it be that Christmas lasts longer than one day?
For those who trust, He is sent whenever we call.
As a Father bends His ear to hear His children’s plea
Our Savior’s mercy can heal, despite our many falls.

So in this Advent, come to Him and know His joy!
Not once a year, but in every prayer lifted above.
Hold on sweetly and tightly to Mary’s little Boy
And may all your days be filled with His Sacred Love!

This prayer, this poem, this verse and rhyme
Is shared so that you can stop and think:
Do I take a moment in my week for God’s time?
What is that Wafer and that Wine I drink?

The Eucharist, His Presence, lasts longer than a day.
His gifts are that which cannot be bought.
For Christmas Joy is likely to stay,
And His gifts are given to those who in prayer are sought.

May you and your family, friends near and far,
experience the joy of this Holy Season of Grace.
Our Hope should be to follow the light of the star,
Which shines on Mary’s Babe ~ God’s most glorious face!


 There are also receipes in his blog beside his interesting entries which could be found



Merry Christmas!

Happy Birthday Jesus~ 😀

Christmas is great, and I’m proud to say I’ve achieved a state whereby I no longer bounded by people around me. I am able to make my own decision without being obliged to say yes to anyone at all. I no longer wanted to feel I have to follow what others told me to do, compelling me to do something I will resent much later. This freedom comes with responsibilities, and I know that too much of this newfound freedom will hurt people around me.

But the truth is, for who’s sake should I take this hurt for myself? Indeed I have to be careful what I am wishing for, and yet I wish nothing less than being able to express myself in ways I am who I am without the need to be what others wanted me to be.

Ah, what a relief! For the first time after many years, I am able to do this without being remorseful to anyone at all! The feeling of being restrained, the feeling of that moment was the hardest and painful of all. By Lord’s grace, I break free! Thank You Lord and I love You, my Lord! I could not have done this without You, my Lord. The overwhelming feeling I get as I prayed to You, You gave me the strength when I least expected it. The only strength I needed to get through this. I didn’t know I have that courage; Lord You gave it to me. I know now, the only restraining order I will adhere to is from You O Lord, nobody else.


My hand pointing at the reindeer’s nose

Lord, only You know what my heart truly desires. I know it is selfish, but I need to know if I am capable to get through it. Lord, show me the way, show me how to.

Hurt is a vicious cycle

Do you believe hurt is a vicious cycle? This is happening throughout my driving experience and I came across another one this morning, on the way to work.

The story

This morning on the fast lane, I was following behind middle-aged man’s car and he is not fast, mind you, driving below 60km/mph. I don’t bother to cut him because the traffic light had turned red and a more prominent reason is because I could see that 1/4 part of his car is swerving to the slower lane. So another small car driven by another man tailgating my car overtake both my car and the middle-aged man speeding on but he pulled the emergency brake causing the screeching sound. Why?

From one look, I know he could get through that lane. Why did he then step on the brake? It’s because seemingly that the car in front of me is going further down the slow lane but he’s not. It’s fear of him going to the slow lane, missing the car that wanted to overtake both of us which could cause an accident. That area is a blind spot if you depend too much on your side view mirror.

Out of curiosity I looked for the reaction from both the drivers, and the driver who sped looked at the middle-aged man and point the middle finger. The gesture is not just pointing but full of emotion because I could see he moved his body to the back-passenger side (the middle-aged guy turning left whereby this car stopping at the traffic light). He SO very intended for the other guy to see that he is mad and his mouth could probably utter some vulgar words that could not be heard by the other guy.

So you wondered if the middle finger was delivered in timely manner or not. It did and guess what? The guy also returned the same gesture. It ends when the cars went their separate ways. The all-macho guy that stops at the traffic light next to me seem like an ordinary guy you see from the street. It’s understandable how crazy people drive nowadays, and teaching them a lesson or showing someone else how bad is the driving could probably teach them to be more courteous on the road. But those acts? Middle finger pointing and tailgating the car? Any end result to it? Those acts will not change someone’s else driving patterns, whether you think they ought to know they are at fault or not. If they have a conscious mind, they will know it’s their faults and learned from it. If they don’t, so what? We are only answerable to our own conscience.

I started to recall another incident whereby a motorbike rider pointed middle finger at me on a raining day. What I did? Ignore. Ha ha. Why want to look for trouble? You don’t know the behavior of the road users nowadays. Quite sometime ago I heard of a road bully killed another motorist all pertaining to road usage. Was it worth the kill?

Many many times I encountered silly people driving recklessly and the most I do is just have a look at them and drove away. Of late, I do not even bother to do that anymore. Why? I believe and hope my tolerant reaction will be set as one of the ways to dismiss the rudeness of another road user. More peaceful that way, ey? 😛

A full bloom of courteous cycle that I like about the road users here is that they give ways to the coming cars from the interconnecting junction. Not only that, they said ‘thank you’ to the one that give way by their hands’ gestures (like a high-five sign). However, take note that not every one will do that. To me, it’s worth doing and maintaining. Imagine someone stop doing that. It will be… a vicious cycle and soon the road users here will end up like the one in bigger cities; rude, ignorant, selfish.

We thought we do not affect how the society acts or behaves but little did we know we are part of that society. Whatever we do, whatever we say will eventually mold the society we live in. Trust me once for this. 🙂

The illustration of the situation:-


Remark: The green car later swerved to the junction after the red car overtake him finally.

Shu Shu & A Happy Note


Shu Shu…

Thanks.. I love your music selection, it’s SO very soothing. It’s very different too, one I won’t anticipate from Shu Shu.. Very thoughful. 🙂 I don’t know if that’s an early Christmas gift or not, but I assume it is. Now I can confidently say it’s not since you smsed me and told me it’s not, it’s just for getting the gang into the Christmas mood 😛

And thanks for picking me up tonight, I know it must have been a busy day for you too.

And thanks Bubu for helping me getting my stuff and carry it back here. Thank you for the USD too. Hahaha~! Very thoughtful too.. 😀

This year Christmas mood comes so much earlier than before (Previously it’s a week to Christmas). *Shu Shu’s Cd works!* I’m so blessed!   🙂

And a Happy Birthday note to Adrian too in Singapore, hope it’s another year of fruitful and well spent time with friends and family. 🙂