It’s dry


I’m loss of words lately.

I mean to let out my feelings but it seems like spinning in my heart and mind more often than it should. The more I seek to understand my feelings, the more my feelings drifted away from my soul.

It is as if I do a lot of feelings than thinking that probably my heart is taking over my head at this moment of time.



This just doesn’t work.


The thing about fear


Coincidentally, after watching One Tree Hill Season 5 Episode 2 -Racing Like A Pro, it really relate so much to how I feel, sometimes. And it hits me hard because I’m being afraid now.

The conversation between Nathan and his son, Jamie goes like this.

Nathan: You know, son, you will meet a lot of times in your life when you are afraid. Being afraid is okay but if you don’t work through that fear, you might miss out some pretty great things.

Jamie: Are you afraid, daddy?

Nathan: Sometimes. You?

Jamie: Sometimes.

Nathan: Then we do this together. At the count of three. One, two, three..’

If you need to know why this conversation took place, you have to watch the episode in this new season. It’s a very refreshing season indeed…  😛

I really find this episode relates so much to me though. It is easy to see in the movies but when you really feeling it, you wished you could take that courage and overcome your fear.

I’m not sure about you. Can you forget about your fear and undertake that pretty great things?

Happy New Year 2008

Happy New Year to everyone, another year has gone, and another year is yet to be written.

The year welcomes me with a fever, flu, headache and stomachache so at the moment I’m clueless on what else to write except wishing the norm Happy New Year greeting to all.

Anyway, I share with you the photos of the place we overnight during New Year Eve. It’s a service apartment, and have a guess where is it..

The kitchen

The Girls room


The Boys Room


Wishing all the resolutions of this year will come true for all of you. 🙂