To give up or not.

The sadness I bear so does the pain that follows

I’m tired of keeping this alive. I’m tired being wrong all the time. I’m tired of being myself. Can I forget this and move on? I’m tired of the sarcasm. I’m tired being sarcastic at times. I just want somebody who can understand me, not just mindless thought they knew what’s going on my head just by judging me on what I said. I didn’t know what I said hurts, so I begin to realise the more open I get, the more I got misunderstood so forget this.

Forget this lifetime agony.

Forget I have feelings.

Forget I have memories.

Forget I once loved.

Forget that I long to be loved.

Forget the shame I have to put up with.

Forget the time wasted to mend the broken glasses.

Forget the me that you knew because it is no longer you that I knew.