Letting You Go

It seems easy to look at your eyes

And tell you “I’m alright”

But it was never easy to hide

The fondness feelings

I have for you

Was it just a sentimental feeling?

Did I disillusioned this

Believing there is something else

Beside meets the eye?

Numerous times I let yOu gO

Countless times I have yOu back

My weary soul begins to dismiss

Whatever feelings left

Because I am tired of waiting

And making the impossible

Were you feeling the same?

Of this longest waiting game

You are stronger

You already told yourself

To forget me

So I told my feeble self

Over and over again

To forget to love you

So that in the midst of that forgetfulness

You will not look my way.

That way I won’t be captivated by your charming smile

Once again.

– QnaOfLife –