The Time Factor

Used to hearing “You’re too old for that or you’re too young to be doing that?” I think in one’s life when you wanted to strive for your own personal dreams, you either hear one of those lines I just mentioned. I know most of the times I procrastinate in wanting to achieve some goals, be it in short or long term. Maybe too much fear clouded my mind that I just diminish the thought of moving forward with whatever silly ideas I had. At least that’s what they told me to believe.

In any rightful mind now, it’s crazy to be awake at 3am and could not care less to sleep even though the body indicates so. The words keep repeating in my head, as if it’s chanting out for help. I am bothered because I find there’s truth in those words. It’s like Father Time appearing in my most silent nights showing me that he will not stop for anyone and somehow in that reflection I saw myself aging. But at the same time, I wanted to deny this truth because I do not want the time factor to be the cause of me not doing anything at all. Because of the word ‘old’, all the things that you wanted to do practically have to be put into halt and shall not even be considered. To be young is to be daring and not to be taken aback with the line “You’re young to be doing that, let your senior(anyone older than you) do it for you.”

It’s funny how words as simple as that can affect me tremendously. I acknowledged that time is running short for me to start some dreams but I do not want my dreams remains as it is simply because I’m too old to achieve anything at this rate. If some dreams worth fighting for, then the age should not be the obstacle to stop me. At least not to give up without trying.

And what she said it’s true; there’s must be some timeline. Without it is just like a seed you planted without water.

Looking Forward