The impact

Didn’t realize it has been nearly 10 months I am here in Sydney. It does feel like I’ve been here far much longer than that. But when I think everything will fall back to the way it was when I’m back home was a foolish thought, really. Simply because I learned a shocking news today that another friend of mine leaving the city to a bigger city. Before I leave last year, a friend of mine is already in the process of leaving. Guess the group is slowly becoming smaller and everyone is pretty much have things of their own to deal with. Sometimes I wonder if the impact of this is because I am out here. I don’t want to think myself as the catalyst who makes people to have some thoughts about their mundane life. I did and I wanted to have some changes and I am here. And now they did too, and changes happen now.

The changes I am going to experience soon is leaving a place I temporarily called home. I know for sure I will miss the crazy joy of sharing a flat with nine other people, all with their different characters and things that they say and do. I realize if the previous flatmates didn’t leave, I won’t be able to get to know new people and the perspectives from them. I hope the one replacing me will be able to blend with them and have the same fun I had with them. I never thought I will bond well with these people and there is some kind of attachment that sort. This feeling probably soon be over once I’m back home but the moments being with them, I hope I could retain as much as I can in this little mind of mine. I know I should have blog more about my life here in Sydney, as this is the only way I could probably recall. Lazy was the best word to describe why the lack of posts.

I will try to post more, the last bit of my two months stay here. Can’t wait to go for Easter show though with these guys. ^_^