How far can your kindness go?

Sometimes I wondered to what extend human could offer their kindness. For most people I know, they are pretty much aware of their own limits. For the minority who probably doesn’t know how to say no, their extreme kindness most of the times only brings them down at the end of the day. At least that’s how I feel. Not knowing my boundaries when extending help to others could sometimes bites me back in the end. Of course it is not always the case. I just do think in general we would like somehow to be appreciated for the kindness we made, even just with merely words.

So to what extend will you offer your help to your friends? Or even just a stranger you just knew? What if your kindness got rejected? Will you able to offer again the same type of kindness? Sometimes I wonder about that. It’s not as easy to get up and tell yourself that the minority just thinking of themselves sometimes and did not consider about how sincere could your kindness be. But sometimes this kind of thought makes me reflect too that if your kindness is sincere, why you take heart how the kindness will be treated? We did our best as human, passing the ball over and it’s up to them how they going to take and give it back to us. That’s how I think about this anyway. Just to see the glowing eyes, the big wide smile and the happy face are the only things good enough to return the kindness. At least to me that is.