The Yearly Resolutions

There is always so much to achieve when it comes to a brand new year. But in fact resolutions doesn’t always have to be created only as we hit January 1. We should shift our mentality from only setting it once a year to making it as when we fall short of our own expectations in daily situations. 

For instance, I have shifted my 2008 resolution to this year and I find that for the past three years, making resolutions doesn’t make myself feeling any better but worse. When the resolution failed, I always psych myself up that next year would be the time when I get it done. It never did.

I guess it boils down to making resolution without given it much thoughts will really derailed the whole thing itself before I realized it. There are some pointers that says if you listed it down on paper and put it somewhere, chances for you to make it through is higher. Wrong. It might get the balls rolling for a while but it might dies off if you are not strong enough to persevere. Telling yourself there is another day to do it just giving yourself time to procrastinate and before soon you will see yourself not doing it anymore. What I do believe is after the first few steps towards your resolution, it will gets easier once it turned to habits.

But you have to ask yourself this one question, what drives you to do this resolution? Was it to gain acceptance from others or was it something you need to prove? Was it something pushed to you because everyone does it too? Whatever the reasons are, the only way to keep it going is to determine it for yourself that it is worth doing and that with great pressure  and pain, success will come through.

I do need that pressure and determination to make this resolution never to repeat itself in 2014. I know I am lacking of motivation but it does not mean it can’t be done. I do believe if you train your mind to remember this one major resolution among other resolutions, it will work. I will give myself time until June and not until December. Giving myself too much time also encourages ‘there is still tomorrow and there is still 11 months to achieve it’. Actions are what needed than telling it out loud. We’ll see.


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