Being Educated

It has always been acknowledged when you got yourself a degree or some certificate from the university you will be labelled as ‘being educated’. Now the definition of being educated can vary for some. In this case, being educated means having proper manners and some common sense (this suppose to be part of the university learning as presumed many) but when one lacks of it, that would mean they were uncivilized.

Take this for real example, when you work in a closed up building with no open windows, you suppose to be educated enough to know smoking inside the building is a dumb thing to do. It’s not only affecting other people who does not smoke but the after smoke smell lingers in the office ventilation causing everyone feeling stuffy and uncomfortable. Someone threw this remark at me, “Why do they smoke inside the office? Aren’t they educated? I know this person meant very well literally their education level as compared to others. I used to make that remark naturally sometimes in the similar situation but hearing this out from another person’s mouth makes me wonder. Have our perception of things went wrong? That the highly educated people should have some common courtesy as compared to those low level labors that work to make ends meet?
In fact, we could be surprised how well mannered those who didn’t have enough education, in the eyes of the world. They said thank you,sorry and please and respect other people’s situation. They do not talk obnoxiously loud in public places and being inconsiderate of their surroundings. I find that the more educated one is, the higher is the pride of that someone. They figured they are entitled for everything they demand simply because they go to school and others are not privileged to

It should not have been that way.  Characters and personality should not be viewed on someone’s education level but more to teachings and environment we feeding on since young. It is also a choice to be considerate or to be all selfish. I believed everyone is selfish at one level on their own different needs but it doesn’t have to be the ‘uneducated ones’.  Everyone is with conscience but are they using it or they defending it with other darker thoughts? That said, in general, everyone putting their own interest first unless they deemed favorable for them to do otherwise. How about you? Are your conscience working on you now?