Back from a long hibernation


It does felt like years since I last wrote an entry. There is so much that had happened during this long hiatus which I could not express in one post.  Excuses like too busy, lack of ideas and too much frustration that if I tried to put in one entry, it would be too long for anyone to even read it.  This time around, I hope I don’t go lengthy on my post and be direct to the point.

I did once told myself I will never discuss my work online because it is just unethical to do so. It gives my work place a bad reputation and impression that it is not a conducive environment where one could grow in terms of knowledge and experience. Any workplace, no matter how bad, to my opinion, can teach us a thing or two on how to deal with people of colorful characters. Of course there are times we will let our steam off on unreasonable people or situations we considered ridiculous to even be in with and the feeling of leaving gets even stronger. I suppose one could leave, granted that she or he must at least know in hand that in the future, something similar might still happen in a new working environment with perhaps less intensity.

I am indeed in situation like this. Sometimes I do want to give up and at times it is crucially too comfortably in this familiar pain you just don’t know if you up and go, what is the next unexplored territory would be. To be frank, I believe what I am feeling is cowardice. Afraid of the unknown when we should always take some risk to move on. Move from the current painful and stagnant stability to something new and possibly risky. I think I have been thinking and talking this way for years but what’s the point of keep saying so when I do not act upon it?  I know why in fact. The many commitments that prison me in.