About Me

I’m a simple person by nature but complicated by choice. I do think a lot but never result in any conclusions. It’s easy to see that writings in here may not reflects who I am exactly when I am out with people and friends. By one look, sometimes I can appear happy-go-lucky and an optimistic lady, and another time my frown look may scare people away thinking I had a bad hair day. The look usually compliment my turn-off mode from the world, when my thoughts and soul are not where it belong. It wonders, to the land or place where my hope of a better world to live in.

Most jottings here may be offensive to some, and at times you and I had similar encounters with people. I am not here to judge people nor to let people judge me for who I am just because of the “abjection or depressing” moments each of us will have throughout our lives. The fact of life is we do judge people, whether we realize it or not. At my best, I will only shake my head in disbelief of the characters I could not comprehend.

I am not a literature person and yet trying my best to be near that. This blog started not to rat race with the other bloggers but simply my thoughts are too much for myself to bear. Hence, writing it down leave me room to have more new thoughts. When I let my feelings go in this blog, there is some sort of relief feeling in my heart. Some entries are fictions, no doubt about that, and may not relate to me at all. So I hope no one takes my entries seriously. 🙂

So, enjoy reading my blog, and know a bit about me.

Life is too short to complain, keep it going by lending a helping hand.

A small amount of help makes a Big difference.

We all can make that difference, by the choices we make.

Thanks for dropping by.


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. It’s true, QnAofLife is someone you’d want to get close to if for nothing else but her undivided attention when you’re in her company. A friend for life.

  2. Thanks.
    It’s a blessing to have you as an amazing friend that teaches me a thing or two. Well, at least on French ya! And the small bits about the One above. 🙂

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