Little Prayers

Dear Lord,

I know I have sinned through my words and actions over and over again when my conscience is back in line. Give me strength to withstand trials and temptation that comes my way. It is easier to be selfish than to sacrifice everything to uphold Your name. It is easier to judge others except myself. It is easier to blame others than myself. It is easier to escape hardship than brave through one. It is easier to just lie down there than kneel and pray to You.

Lead me not to the easiest road. Lead me not to do things that is comfortable to me. Lead me not to judge others but myself. Lead me not to criticize but to only find the goodness in people. Lead me not to beat myself if I fail You but instead to humbly admit my mistake and get up to strive again.

Lord, I am thankful that You created me imperfectly to remind me that this world is not our final destination.  That I only made perfect when I meet face to face with You oh Lord. Thank you Lord for being You and letting me being me. Amen

-30 July 2013-

Dear Lord,

Right now my heart and mind collide making this confusion harder to clear than ever. Can I find it within myself to follow my head and not to follow my heart? Would be wrong to do so?

Dear Lord,

At the moment I am confused on what to do. I could not find in my heart to justify what’s right and what’s wrong because of being too much emotional about the whole thing. I know it’s not right for me to drag this any longer, and makes suffering much more unbearable than it’s already have. Teach me Lord, what to do.

Dear Lord, will I regret if I am contented with what I have and never want to search for what I desire? Is desiring something more means not being satisfied with the things You already gave me?


One thought on “Little Prayers”

  1. Our Father which art in heaven, hallow be Thy name, Thy will be done on earth and in heaven.

    I thank Thee for today, a blessing so precious that I may try today to live life anew. Guide my thoughts dear Lord and let not my constitution be weak. Let not my fears consume me and let not my conviction be meek.

    If I should die today dear Lord, forgive me my impudence for I ask Thy forgiveness upon this wretched soul.

    In the name of our Father and savior Jesus Christ, Amen~

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