This page stores all the quotes I found interesting and also some quotes sprung from this little head of mine. Hope you enjoy using it to inspire you to move further.

“The idea of ‘being used to’ may not be favorable most of the times. It makes us stop creating.” – QnAofLife

“They said they understand you and have been in your shoes so why do I have to keep repeating my words?” – QnAofLife

“Being alone and truthful is better than being with the company of friends that you cannot be yourself” – QnAofLife

“Success do not come easy. It comes with sacrifices that you do not want to make..” – QnAofLife

“You see, there’s leaders and there’s followers, you are a leader.” –from One Tree Hill S06Ep07 Nathan said to his son, Jamie.

“Funny but true, you almost thought you could not pull through when difficulty strikes but when you just tell yourself to hold on a bit longer, you pull through all the way. What a great feeling when you finally reached the finishing line.” – QnAofLife

“Experiences are not learned from the book or movies we watched but from what we have been through.” – QnAofLife

“If we want something badly and did not get it, it’s because we only left our seed of dreams to dry without watering them and watch them grow.” – QnAofLife

“For those who refuse to listen, they refuse to learn. They refuse to think other ways are better than theirs, because they have thought carefully about their perfected ways. If proven wrong, they would still think theirs right. There’s no end to this standard of theirs.” – QnAofLife

“In the full circle of clarity, there’s always a little hole of doubt. We could hide it and act as if it wasn’t there or confront it and accept its existence.” – QnAofLife

“The more greedy we get, the more richer we think we are. And when we are rich, we seem less happy than we used to be. Maybe because we are happy being poor in wealth but happy being rich in blessing others.” – QnAofLife

“There are no hopeless situations,

there are only men who have grown helpless about them.”

Clare Boothe Luce

The day I no longer put effort is the day my heart hardened and refuses to accept anything less than what it suppose to be. Could the thorns be more than roses? – QnAofLife



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